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Bilbaína de Alquitranes - Company

Bilbaína de Alquitranes, S.A. (BASA), a company with almost one century of experience in the sector, focuses its industrial activity in the distillation of coal tar from the coke batteries of Europe’s main steel groups.

After its acquisition in 1990 by the company Fábrica de Productos Químicos, S.A. (SANA), the group embarked on a major technological makeover of its plants to improve and extend all of its production processes and equip itself with the appropriate tools and resources to challenge strong competition in the sector.

A process of continuous improvement, based on the modernisation and qualification of its human team, totally suited to the modern technologies existing in the market.

The distillery facilities are located in Lutxana-Barakaldo, 5 kilometres from the city of Bilbao, on the Left Bank of the Bilbao Estuary, an industrial area closely linked to the development of Spanish heavy industry.

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